Shop Review: Auto Extremes, Conyers GA

Oct 18, 2010

Labor Day Weekend (I know, so long ago) I had the honor of interviewing Auto Extremes in Conyers, GA. I met two of the guys at V-103 car show where they were showing off one of the partners of Auto Extremes, T-Pain's, Scion XB that they've done. They said it would be fine to come to the shop.

I took them up on their offer, and on Sept 4th, I pulled my Envoy up to the front door of Auto Extremes, where Bubba, the manager greeted me at the door. Like Reme, he let me have my run of the one-stop shop, except for one area.

On the lift in the back was the Joker Impala that belonged to T-Pain. Yes there's photos of it out. Yes it has an article dedicated to it in Rides Magazines. However, they're doing a little bit more work to it to take to the Dub Car Show that will be inside of SEMA. Bubba asked if I could not photograph the Impala. I didn't photograph the Impala simply because I knew that the Impala and I would meet up again in Nevada.

Besides the Joker Impala, there were three vehicles that stood out that I will talk about...

First: Ne-Yo's '68 Matte Black Chevy with suicide doors, matte paint, new automatic transmission, 20 inch wheels, and more. But at the time of this photo, it was almost complete. Notice how I didn't take any photos of the interior...

Two: Ciara's three wheeler, at the time of the photo, she hasn't picked it up yet. I wonder if she finally got it...

And Three: Keri Hilson's White Jeep Wrangler Sport. As you can see, not much has done with it, but what will be done to it is: trim will be painted from black to white, JL Audio System and custom box, Chrome Accessories, Window tint, and 22 inch wheels and tires. All of this for the low, low price of let Keri tell you(Bernie doesn't drop Dollar Amounts without permission). Like Ne-Yo's car, I want to see the finish product...

While I was there, I also saw someone who was working hard on his personal car. His name is Champ and he answered every question that I decided to ask him. His '71 Chevelle SS will look familiar because it was the secondary car that was on the cover of this month's Rides Magazine. (**Note: Nothing personal towards the factory Dodge Challenger SRT with the widebody kit on it, but that shouldn't have been the main car featured.) Like his car, I thought Champ was adorable.

I was impressed with the work that comes out of the house of Auto Extremes. Even though one of the partners happens to be a celebrity, they're not just a celebrity car customizing shop. They'll put just as much heart and work into a car enthusiast's car as they would a celebrity's car and that says a lot about them.

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Bubba and he's what he had to say:

If you want to check out Auto Extreme for yourself, go to or if you want to go there, the address is 1018 Iris Dr SE, Conyers, GA. 30094 and tell them Bernie sent you. It probably won't do you any good, at least if you mention their ad in Dub Magazine, you'll save 10% off of any service.

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