Shop Review: Reme's Designs, Long Island, NY

Jul 23, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for the shop reviews. I wanted the first one to be special. I needed to set the bar high. So I took it back home to Long Island, where I grew up and where people say coffee the way I say it.

Tuesday June 29, 2010, Deep in the Heart and Village of Patchogue, Long Island. About 2 miles south of Sunrise Highway, off of East Main Street, there lies a gray building that is a customization shop.

I go inside of Reme Designs and was greeted by a tea-cup Yorkie, and then moments later, I was greeted by Reme, who was in the middle of working. He allowed me to have my run of the place, no limitations on the photos I wanted.

My flight back to Atlanta was the next day, so I had to get what I needed that day. And it just so happened that I came on a very hectic day, but he was still gracious enough to put up with me. I also came somewhat unannounced, and for an unannounced visit, that shop was clean. I have the unfortunate habit of loving to come to a shop unannounced because then I get to capture the rawness and the energy of it.

Let's look at the waiting area/office.

(Check out the giant Rust-oleum can!!!!)

(A lot of memorabilia)

(Even more memorabilia- even has autographed G Unit Sneakers.)

(Love the Reme bobble head)

Then I walked into the shop in which I loved the decor. If you appreciate hot graffiti, you would definitely appreciate Reme's shop. I see five cars, three of them are old school vehicles, one of them being a Saturn Sky Turbo. And then I see a 2010 Chevy Camaro and Reme installing Lambo Doors.

(In case if you forgot where you were)

(This is a classic case of "You know you're from Long Island if you seen a sign that looked like this)

(All New Yorkers are proud of where they're from)

Before I show the interview, I'm gonna give you the history of Reme...

Reme also known as Keith Rowland (yeah I put his government out there) is one of America's top 50 Installers. Most noted for being the shop manager/Master Installer for Unique Autosports, he branched out on his own and opened his own shop, Reme Designs, on Long Island. His previous work does include vehicles from LeBron James, Busta Rhymes, Enimem, Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Marc Echo, and most importantly he's worked on my favorite vehicle out of the casa of Unique Autosports- Pamela Anderson's Airstream as well as working on vehicles that belong to the New York Yankees including my personal favorite, Robinson Cano. If what I just said didn't lend to Reme's credibility, watch seasons 1-4 of Unique Whips, and then I'll hit you with a "Told You So"

I have the interview, and listen closely...

I kept rolling on purpose to prove a point he made, in which he said that just because he owns the shop, doesn't mean that he's going to be stuck behind a desk. Decisions will be made and business will be conducted, even while he's installing Lambo Doors.

I have to be honest, if you want someone that you trust with your vehicle, that will give you that top notched service, use high quality equipment, as well as having equipment correctly installed in your vehicles, go see Reme. And don't give me that excuse about how you don't live in NY, cause he can and will find a way to get your vehicle, customize it, and get it back to you in better condition than it was originally in.

Visit Reme at;, or if you're really serious about getting your car customized: Reme Designs is located at 382B East Main Street, Patchogue NY 11772. (Note: It's really easy to get to)

You gotta love Reme, and this will not be the last time you see him here.

P.S. He still has to complete the interior to his car...

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