Recapping 2010 Plies Car Show

Jul 7, 2010

I wasn't doing anything special, so I decided to haul the 'Voy down I-75 to the Plies Car Show in Albany. As a whole, it was alright, not nearly as disappointing as Valdosta. I can honestly say that the custom work in Albany isn't sloppy like Valdosta. (Note: Valdosta is the city with the noticeable frayed fabric and the dried glue) I did notice a lot of vehicles that the only customizations that were on it was the paint and wheels, and there were a few cars that went all the way.

However, I noticed a similarity between this show and the Dub Englishtown Show. A new thing where on a car, it's not a solid color paint job (and I don't mean two toned or transition color either) and there's a pattern/graphic in the paint.

I ducked out the show around 7:00 and did some parking lot scouting. As of that. And ask me if I care. Ironically I did come across Bernie's car show pick in the parking lot. Bernie's car show pick is my choice of any vehicle and if I had my way I would take it on a joyride. So I came across this Yukon Denali and the owner didn't care that I was in his SUV.

Anyway here's some more photos....

(Reminds me of Sprite. They should have went with the theme.)

(If this was circa 1987, my Dad would love this...)

(I really liked this truck, but I didn't like the fact that there was always 39 different people sitting in it every time I passed it.)

(I was proud of Block for having a fully customized car. I'll have to swing by Block Entertainment to interview and photograph him).

(I had to ask the owner of this truck the famous question "What do you know about the Yankees", he said he was from NY. I ask where, and he hits me with "Syracuse". Ladies and Gentlemen: Anything that's north of Westchester County isn't New York. Syracuse to the Metro NYC Area is like Rincon to the Metro Atlanta Area.)

(The most practical and the most laziest customization you can do to a car, the seat can turn for a person to get out a car a lot easier.)

(You know Tyler was the envy of all of his classmates)

(Owner should have gotten another opinion on his choice of wheels for that Avalanche)

(I would have liked to interviewed the owner, but the chick driving was acting like she was the hottest thing since sliced bread yet her outfit cost less than the air in the tires of this Charger.)

And for the rest, head to the 2010 "Plies" Car Show Gallery at

P.S. I know that I didn't mention that Young Dro was there. There would have been photos of him, but the promotors to this event attempted to feed me some bull about why I couldn't get a pass to get in, which meant that they gave all their friends passes, and crying over how they spent $85,000 on this show. I guess $84,000 went towards Plies and Young Dro. Oh and get this: they told me that if I bought a V.I.P. pass (I'm not sure what was the difference between General admission and V.I.P.) he could get me a 10 minute interview with Young Dro... If only he knew what a lot people know. I think if I was V.I.P., I could use the outdoor toilet that was closer to the stage. I knew I should have went in with Dro.

Until we meet again, Albany. And I wonder if the Plies car show in Florida was like this one. Probably not...

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