Ultimate Auto Shows off a Completely Customized Matte Gold Jeep

Jan 21, 2013

Last week I showed you a Range Rover that Ultimate Auto customized. This time, I'm showing you a matte gold Jeep that they put their touches on. According to Ultimate Auto, the customizations include  matte pearl gold, gloss candy gold, and gloss gold and black BASF glasurit paint, Vellano 24" 3 piece wheels, super swamped M-16 tires 40x14.5x24, rigid industries LED Lighting, 4" lift with candy coated fox shocks, JL Audio 20 speakers, UA design fold metal fenders, UA design glass roof, UA power side steps, and US design custom interior with rear bucket seats

This looks GREAT!!!! The glass roof freaks me out, but I love the creativity behind the sound system, which is what really won me over.  I'm freaked out about the roof because I'm scared of thunder and lightning. Stuff like this gets me excited.

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