2013 Dub Car Show Schedule is officially out...

Jan 30, 2013

... but you and I both know that it's not set in stone.

January 19-27th: Philadelphia, PA (inside of Philly's Auto Show)  Already passed. Lo siento.

April 5th-7th: Greatest City Ever. Sorry, I'm a little biased, but New York, NY (inside of NYIAS)

April 7th: Los Angeles, CA (hope there's no shootouts)

April 27th: Memphis, TN (Will definitely bring a large crowd)

May 19th: Miami, FL

June 1st: Charlotte, NC

June 16th: Deep in the heart of Dallas, TX (That'll be a good one)

June 22nd: Chicago, IL (That'll be a good one)

July 27th: Atlanta, GA (*side eye*)

August 11th: Anaheim, CA

October 13th: Phoenix, AZ

And of the best stop of all...

November 5-8th: Las Vegas, Nevada at SEMA.

Based off of last years photos, cause you know I looked at all of the photos. Vegas will be the best one for obvious reasons. Anaheim is an extremely close second, but I see it's later in the year (probably have to work around the Angels' schedule. Not like the Angels are going to do well anyway. Go Yankees.) Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, and Los Angeles are tied for third. Charlotte is a crap shoot- Could be good, could be bad. Atlanta and Memphis will make money because people really just want to see the concert. Miami will be good if it's outside- since Florida boys have their their own time schedule. They'll get there when they feel like it. The Philly and New York will suck because they're inside of an auto show- which means it'll only be a small section.

And why did Dub get rid of the Englishtown, NJ tour stop??? I had fun at that one... I just realized something... what happened to Houston?

P.S. After seeing this, I'm not sure which ones I'll attend.

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