Recapping Dub Magazine Project: Season 2, Episode 3

Nov 13, 2012

I’ve underestimated Tyga’s hosting abilities. He really not bad as a host.  I actually liked the whole sitting in a moving, drophead Rolls Royce while introducing the segments.

Big Boi takes everyone on a tour of Stankonia studio (a studio I’ve been to many, many times). From there, he takes us to his foundation event in a Rolls Royce Phantom (the same Phantom that’s in the banner photo above. I can’t speak much else because unfortunately as much as I love Big Boi, he’s a nice guy, but he didn’t talk about cars.

Desean Jackson drops off a Bentley Continental GT to Dub Garage with a request. He wants the “oreo look” by wrapping the hood, roof, and trunk in black vinyl wrap, adding  some 22 inch Forgiato wheels, Desean’s logo in the headrests, JL Audio with a custom box (custom box looked great). I like the Dub Garage segment now, because they wasted too much time last year dealing with Shaq. Now they can deal with different people and show some versatility in their projects, and most importantly, I don’t have to see or hear Shaq.

Action Tire in New Joisy, was picked by the DuPont Registry as one of the top customizations shops in North America. Though the name is called Action Tire, they deal with a lot of customizations, and their clientele is super impressive. In fact, because of Action Tire, one of my favorite people to feature got her Cadillac customized…

I’m sorry, I have a slight girl crush on Coco. They showed off three vehicles, but my favorite of all was the 2005 Ford Mustang GT and it was looking GOOD!!!! The owner of Action Tire has a familiar accent.

Travis Barker love of cars is great. I love it. He loves a clean car that he can make his own. The Bentley story was a little baffling because he said that he didn’t believe that he couldn’t own some of the finer things in life. Here’s the thing- if you can legitimately afford it, you can own whatever you want to own. But the one thing I loved was the d├ęcor of his tour bus, now that looked great. I have a thing for interiors that are black, white, and chrome- which is a timeless customization.

Check out the episode below…

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