Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2012 SEMA Show... Day 3

Nov 12, 2012

Day 2 and 3 of SEMA was very bitter sweet. I was in sunny Las Vegas with great weather, but back home was a different story. The evening of day 2, I was watching the aftermath of hurricane Sandy and feeling sadden by what happened. The Jersey Shore is gone, the boardwalk of Atlantic City is ruined, most of Hoboken, NJ was underwater. Then Staten Island, Lower Manhattan, the Southern part of Queens and Long Island was flooded and without power. And when situations happened to your home, you feel a certain kind of way. New York will always be my home. It gave me my attitude, a piece of my personality, and of course, my lovely accent.

So day 3 was my final day at SEMA. I used my time inside in the beginning, then I stayed outside until I left. And here's the photos...

CEC's booth

Rohana Wheels underdogged the show by having a spacious booth, and plenty of vehicles wearing their wheels....

... and they also brought them with them.

Look out for Soleli Wheels, they have a lot more coming.

Caught up with Merceli Wheels and they showed off two new wheel designs and what stands out about them is the white machined face with chrome lip. Above is the M35 wheels, available in 18, 20, and 22 inches.

And here's the M20 wheels, available in 20, 22, and 24 inches.

Tuckin 28s...

Still loving this car

This Range Rover is from Trinidad and Tobago and the customizations are almost one in the same as the States.

Love, love, LOVE this Lexus concept car. Hope the production gets the green light...

Mister Cartoon and Snoop have teamed up for an exclusive Sanctiond line. Can't wait for that...

Still love this wheel design from Forgiato.

For more photos, check out Bernie's SEMA photos... Day 3

P.S. To me, Atlanta isn't home. It's just somewhere I'm living. Look up the definition of home, it's more than just where you lay your head at night.

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