Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2012 SEMA Show Day 2

Nov 12, 2012

Day 2 of SEMA was a little different. I used this day to network, so basically I was doing more talking than photographing. But of course, I did get some shots and here they are...

Love the detail in this Chrysler 300 conversion, but I'm sick of Camaros. Even if it only has the front end of one.

Forgiato  is not just a aftermarket wheel company, it is now a lifestyle company

Best model there...

Love the drawing, I wish I could draw like that-- and I went to an Art school.

I did sign the wall...

I love the tribute to Carroll Shelby...

... but not as much as I love this Ford Shelby

Okay, I LOVED this car. Although it's not straight guy friendly (aka most of SEMA), I still loved it. I love swarovski crystals, and with that accent, I HAD to stop and stare and get photos. But I wouldn't have crystalized it in some places where they did like the windshield wipers.... and I love the fur, but it wouldn't be practical in Atlanta.

West Coast Customs guys!!!

Still love his tire shine...

Liking this Forgiato edition Ford Explorer...

For more photos, check out Bernie's SEMA Coverage Day 2.

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