Bow Wow Parts With Orange Lamborghini Murcielago

Jan 2, 2012

The rapper I can’t stand, Bow Wow has decided to take the popular route and sell his Lambo via ebay. This loud orange 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago made it’s appearance on MTV Cribs during its arrogant owner’s segment.

To continue about the car, the car is in excellent condition. It currently has 6,550 miles, Automatic transmission, all wheel drive, 6.2L V12 engine. The car was primarily kept in Miami and the car was kept climate controlled along with his other vehicles (Bentley Continental GT, Porsche 911 Turbo, Aston Martin DB9, and a Range Rover Sport SuperCharged). “This Lambo just may be the nicest most well kept pre-owned cars I have ever come across considering all factors. When I say there is nothing the previous owner could have done to maintained this car any better, I mean it. This car was garaged kept AND also received monthly details. The paint also received an annual seal, which protects it from UV rays and other paint damaging conditions. Not only was the previous owner over the top with the upkeep of the cosmetic condition, he was more meticulous with the servicing. This Lambo has received EVERY single manufacturer recommended service from the same Lamborghini dealer in Miami (Prestige Imports) using only OEM parts and fluids. This vehicle just received a $18,000 service at 6,200 miles including: NEW CLUTCH, NEW STARTER, NEW P ZERO TIRES, BRAKE SERVICE AND ALL FLUIDS !!!! As fair as options go, this car has it all.........full CARBON FIBER interior, two-tone interior, color match interior stitching, navigation, custom $16k wheels (Asanti Wheels), new Pirelli P Zero tires, and MUCH MORE !!!” states Bravarian Motorsports

The body of the car doesn’t even have a single scratch or ding and the paint finish is just as amazing. And this is the original paint job. So it’s safe to say that Lil’ Shad babied his car.

To continue with the interior, it’s in great condition. Carpet doesn’t have any stains and were protected with all weather Audi floor mats. The driver seat does show very minor stress lines, but that’s about it.

The Carfax reports no accidents, purchased in 2006, the schmuck owned it for a little under 5 years and you can get all of the service reports in full detail.

This Lambo is currently in Virginia and Bavarian Motorsports were the ones who set the auction up on ebay. If you have the $155,250 for it, you can shoot them an email at or call them at (202)491-9929. Serious, and I do mean serious inquiries ONLY. Don’t ask them for a test drive if you only have $384 in your checking account.

I will admit, this Lamborghini has more personality than the original owner. But honestly, Bow Wow would have done better putting the car up at Barrett-Jackson since the Lambo is in mint condition…

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