Bernie's Favorite: All About Audi: Jadakiss

Jan 30, 2012

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And it's listed as my favorite not because of the All About Audi webseries, but because of the one who was driving the vehicle all over New York, Jadakiss.

The final installment of All About Audi was released on my birthday (January 26) starring one of my favorite, favorite industry guys, Jadakiss. If you had the pleasure of meeting him or spending time with him like I have, you'll understand why he is one of the most respected in the game. Watch the video below, and I'll give my usual criticism of the whole shebang.

To be perfectly honest with you, I only enjoyed this because of Jadakiss. Is it me or did they repeat the features of this car from previous episodes? If you're going to sell a car, there's more than just the options. Yeah the navigation where you use your finger to spell things out is interesting, but so is the horsepower, torque, top speed, 0-60, sound system, comfort of the seats, leg room, I could go on. It's like the slow-reading narrator is selling the options so you'll get the top of the line as opposed to the base model, but he's not selling Audi as a whole. Why should fans of hip-hop care about a car manufacturer that isn't popular within the hip-hop industry? That's what All About Audi was lacking. After watching all four episodes, I'm still not convinced that I would want an Audi, and I'm being real.

Jadakiss didn't play with the options, but he did say that he loves to drive and how amazing the steering wheel is (as he groped it) as well as the driving experience was so amazing that he forgot that it was raining.

I bet the narrator is cousins with the Audi salesman, that's the only reason they were able to get the clearence to do something like this.

P.S. The sound quality sucked.

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