Told Ya So: Justin Bieber's Batmobile Cadillac

Oct 28, 2011

Photos by Biebs' friend, Jewelry Extraudinaire (like how I added that) Ben Baller, the guy in the middle

Back in August, I gave folks the heads up about the project involving West Coast Customs and Justin Bieber. Apparently what I stated happened to be true, since two short days ago, the Biebs got pulled over in Sunny California for cutting off an officer. Of course, they didn't give him a ticket...

I'm still convinced that this was a Hennessey edition Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, with adjustments to make it look like the batmobile. I'm not a fan of the whole batmobile aspect, however, I do love the customizations. I would have gave him more credit if he put JB on the grille. You already know it's his- this isn't the first "batmobile", but it would have been the first Biebed-out vehicle. I love the doors opening out- a la the Rolls Royce Drophead Phantom. We all know that I adore a blacked out vehicle that hasn't been blacked out before- like this.

P.S. I just took a look at Ben Baller's blog and I like it. It gives a "life of a jet setter" feel, and his stories (especially of Kim Kardashian not knowing how to roll down the windows in the Ferrari) are great. It's more exclusive than the "exclusive blogs" and it's underrated. Please note that Ben doesn't know me. And you know I added it to the blog roll on the index page. Think I'm playin, Son???

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