ADV.1 Wheels Shows off A BMW M6... In New York

Oct 10, 2011

Seeing how I just got back from New York last week (originally I went to Providence for Funkmaster Flex's Car Show, but he decided to push the date UP and not tell anyone, which means I missed it. I'm wondering why he releases schedules because he either moves the dates around or he doesn't show up. You won't catch me at a FMF Car Show anymore. Dub may be stingy with the press passes, but at least they don't change their dates.).

I lost my train of thought. Now I remember. Seeing how I just got back from New York last week (Thanks Flex *sarcasm*), I found some shots from ADV.1 Wheels of a BMW M6 on the streets of New York. According to ADV.1, The M6 is a potent 500hp V10 platform that has enough menacing presence when it rolls off the production line to intimidate almost anything else on the road. However, some people feel the need to take that ability and take it to the next level. This M6 strapped on a set of 21X9, 21X11 ADV7 Concave wheels in a brushed aluminum finish with a chrome lip.

Check it out...

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