Recapping Episode Seven of Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle (The New York Auto Show)

Jun 27, 2011

Last Sunday's episode of Full Throttle, Flex decided to leave the comfort of his garage in the Bronx and traveled to midtown Manhattan to the New York Auto Show (yes, the same show I was suppose to attend).

At the show, Flex caught up with "next on deck" rappers: Tinie Tempah, Joell Ortiz and Big Sean, newcomers who are making a lot of noise (in a good way) and getting a lot of attention. Tinie's car choice was the Audi R8 where he continued to say that the car is extremely popular in his native country of England. Tinie continued to shine light on how they do things across the pond- when people have enough money to spend on a high end car, they don't customize it in any way, they leave it stock. No wheels, no grills, no tint. The ONLY customization that's acceptable to a high end car is to custom paint it with a matte paint. I see it's the complete opposite in the US. Also Tinie mentioned how he can't ride in a convertible because he's too recognizable in Britain.

Brooklyn rapper Joell Ortiz had realistic and obtainable dreams and went towards the Chevy area where he had his eye on the Convertible Camaro. At this point, it turned into a battle of the muscle cars: Camaro vs. Mustang (Joell vs. Flex). Joell described the burnt orange Convertible Camaro as scary... cause of the orange color reminded him of Halloween. He hops in, giving us a mental picture of how to act in a Convertible Camaro in his neighborhood in BK: drive real slow so everyone can see, especially those who are envious.

The final rapper Flex caught up with was Big Sean, who likes the stereotypical cars that most rappers go for. He went on and hopped into a Rolls Royce Ghost, and then talked about how he aspired to get a Bentley Flying Spur. Flex asked the question "What kind of car would people wouldn't expect you to like." Sean said an old school Impala: ironically he picked a staple in the Hip-Hop culture. Next Question: Camaro, Charger, or Mustang. Surprisingly Sean went with the Charger, and they made their way to the Dodge section and looked at the Charger from the Fast Five movie.

Out of the Tinie, Joell, and Sean's interview, I liked Tinie's the most. Simply because his had the most automotive insight. Joell and Sean's interviews were too typical.

This episode was extremely reminiscent of Flex's past TV Shows, where he would go to shows and actually converse about cars and nothing but cars. Back when he took Lil' Kim to a chop shop and she bought parts for an old school car. Ahhh, memories.

Here's the entire episode. But I hate the commercial breaks.

Bonus Clip: Joell and Flex attempted to talk about old school Buicks and was interrupted.

Most truthful line of this entire episode: "As we all know, New York is the capital of the world"- Funkmaster Flex.

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