Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2023 Nava's Easter Fest Car Show

Apr 25, 2023

After the New York Auto Show, I took a trip to Broward County (county north of Miami-Dade County) for Nava's Easter Fest. This show has been on my radar for awhile but because I'm normally at home for Easter, I had to do more planning than usual in order to travel to both shows. 

Even though, this was my first time attending the show, I had an idea of what to expect. I'm familiar with the Top Five guys since I've seen them at the Rick Ross Car Show and at Florida Classics. I knew I would see a few cars that I've seen before, but the majority of the cars would be new to me.

The downside of the entire show was the WEATHER. Days leading up to the show, the forecast called for sunny conditions. Naturally things changed hours leading up to the show. The percentage for rain kept increasing, and I thought that because it's the South, it'll rain for five minutes and then it would be clear skies. But I was wrong. It started to rain 90 minutes into the show which then turned into a thunderstorm. Once I saw that the bouncy house was delated, I thought the show was going to be rained out. I was wrong again. One hour after I left, Nava posted this message

Cars continued to arrive and I went back to the show (I went to Wawa in Plantation). If it didn't rain, the park would have been packed. I'll rate this show an inconclusive simply because I couldn't experience the full potential due to the weather. 

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2023 Nava's Easter Fest Car Show gallery.

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