Toy Motorsports Shows off a Ford Shelby

Aug 22, 2013

Outside of Boston lies a small city called Marlborough, home to Toy Motorsports. Toy Motorsports released photos of a Ford Shelby that they've customized. Customizations include...  Hexis Full Vehicle Wrap, Upgraded body moldings, GT500 Emblems, and HID Fog Lights.

Personally, I'm not a fan of loud colored vehicles, however, I'll tip my Yankees hat to them and here's why. This isn't just any Ford Mustang. It's an understated Ford Shelby Super Snake. They made it look more like how a Super Snake should look, instead of how it looked when it arrived-- the lowest trim level, basic Ford Mustang. In shortened form, Toy Motorsports matched the look of the vehicle to the power it gives off.

P.S. I was nice in this post because I don't see any mention of the Red Sox on their website. Boston is a great city. The people were nice, but then again, I honestly was there for a few hours. But in that matter of time, I wasn't attacked for being a Yankees fan.

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