Platinum Motorsports Shows off a Matte Grey Carbon Fiber Range Rover

Mar 14, 2013

Everyone's favorite Armenian car customizers released photos of one of their latest projects... the "newly redesigned" 2013 Range Rover. But what Platinum Motorsports did was dip the Range in Matte Grey PAINT, Carbon fiber the grille kit, and a red cross stitch trimmed interior. I'm sure you know that the picture above is the "before" shot. Now let's see the after shots...

P.S. Platinum Motorsports doesn't wrap their cars... See.

But the best thing that Platinum Motorsport has done... is hired Jake Janisse. I have no idea who he is or what he looks like, but the way he captures the customization process and the post-customization is great. Just cause everyone has a camera phone that has 8+ megapixels and instagram, doesn't mean they know what composition means.

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