Branded Customs creates a Chrome Dodge Challenger

Mar 12, 2013

... And the chrome trend continues. Garland's favorite, Branded Customs, released photos of a Dodge Challenger that's completely chromed out.  Aside from the body of the car, I also see some deeeeeeep lipped Asanti wheels and Oracle lights, smoked out taillights and I believe that's an Asanti grille as well. 

P.S. Another photography tip, avoid photographing outside when the sun is overhead. That's typically around 1-4 pm. You avoid sun spots. But if you have to photograph, angle the subject to where the sun can be used as a fill light to fill in shadows. Yes you'll have to move the car a few times, but moving a car is much easier than spending hours, sitting in front of a computer on Photoshop. Follow this tip, ESPECIALLY with a chrome car. Sorry, I've just photographed a couple photos in my life. Just a couple... million.

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