West Coast Customs' Customizes Tyga's New Mercedes SLS

Oct 25, 2012

Thank god, Tyga now has honest friends in his life, so he doesn't have to make this mistake again...
West Coast Customs' CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus released photos of his new favorite client's vehicle- YMCMB's Tyga. After Tyga came to his senses and went to WCC AFTER (I know, he should have went before) he had an Audi R8 wrapped in gold chrome, Ryan and his crew made sure that Tyga wouldn't look like an idiot by customizing a fabulous matte red Ferrari California.

Once you're a customer with West Coast Customs-- and pay for your customizations-- you're often a repeat customer. And that's what Tyga is. He came back with his newest purchase-- a Mercedes SLS.   Thankfully, West Coast Customs photographed the before, during, and after...

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