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Feb 15, 2011

This photo is crazy!!!!!

I love great photography. And as I was on the web, looking at examples of automotive photography, I came across Jae Bueno's site, a great West Coast automotive lifestyle photographer. I crossed out automotive because even though his work is primarily automotive, when looking at his work, you get a feel of West Coast (more specifically Southern California) culture.

When you look at his photos, you can pick up the characteristics: Very sharp, popping colors (saturation), at times he uses a fisheye lens in not the most conventional way but it works.

Who knew Garfield was so gangsta?

And you can catch his work in....

It's safe to say that his work in every issue.

If you're looking for some inspiration for your car, product, photography, art, whatever check out Jae Bueno's blog. Again, I gave credit when it's due. Jae needs to have a gallery showing or a book. If he does have a book, he can call it "Dranking, Smoking, Straight West Coastin". Sorry, that was a line from a Dr Dre song. I'll leave...

P.S. You know when I go out to LA, I'm looking for a plaque that says "Bernie". Think I'm playing?

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