Revisiting the Hyundai Equus

Nov 16, 2010

I lightly touched on the Hyundai Equus last week, but now I can talk about since I've seen it, etc.

At the mother of all car shows, SEMA, the Hyundai Equus was reintroduced again, as well as it's more modified sibling, the Dub Edition version. The factory edition is equipped with more than enough options, because it's designed to rival the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, and the Lexus LS.

At the actual SEMA event, the Dub Edition Hyundai Equus was on the floor, and then one day after SEMA, there was a Hyundai event where you could see the Equus upclose and hopefully drive it. After seeing them both in person, if I had my choice of the two, I would have to go with the Dub Edition and here's why...

For the amenities that the Equus provides, the exterior looks rather plain. The exterior lacks the sleekness that the interior provides. If it looked like the Genesis with what the Equus provides, I would put it on my dream list. Dub didn't do much modifications to the interior because it didn't need it except for the seats.

But I will admit, for Hyundai to price the Equus at a little under $60,000, you do get an awful lot of bonus goodies in one vehicle. The Equus is priced far below it's competition, even the top of the line model (roughly $65,000) provides more value per dollar than its rivals.

Because this is the first time the Equus has appeared in the United States, I'm thinking that the first year's sales would be sluggish. The reason behind that statement would be when you first hear Hyundai, you automatically of the Accent, Sonata, Elantra, etc. Since they're tapping into unfamiliar territory (the luxury market), Americans would have to get used to it. Now in Europe and Asia, that's a different story because the Equus isn't a new model vehicle overseas.

In Vegas, I did have the opportunity to speak with Kimatni of Automotive Rhythms about the Hyundai Equus and he was so kind enough to give everyone a tour of the vehicle...

One day I'll test drive this car, but until then....

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