Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2023 Krazy Vatos Lowrider Super Show

Jul 17, 2023


Although I wish that I could be in two places at once, on June 24th I made my faithful return to the Krazy Vatos Lowrider Super Show in Marietta, GA.

Here's the thing, this show as well as the HSV Junefest (in Huntsville, AL) occurred on the same day. Both are great shows but in all fairness, I went to the show that announced their date first (remember I try to be fair but I'm biased towards New Yorkers. Neither promoters are from New York, so I went with who released their date via Instagram first.)

Atlanta based Lowrider Car Club, Krazy Vatos, decided to go back to normally scheduled programming and held their annual Lowrider super show. As I arrived at the Jim R Miller Park and walked around, I had the opportunity to see some familiar cars... however, there were quite a few vehicles that I've never seen before. 

So what did I see? I'm so glad you asked.

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2023 Krazy Vatos Lowrider Super Show gallery.

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