Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2023 Torres Empire Super Show Cook Off

Mar 22, 2023

On March 11th, I decided to kick off my 2023 car show season in Dallas, TX for the Torres Empire Lowrider Super Show/Cook Off contest. Yes, you've read that correctly.... Lowrider Super Show/Cook Off contest.

A few months ago, Torres Empire announced that they were going to combine both the Dallas Super Show with a cook off. I was immediately intrigued. I was already aware that Torres Empire throws some of the greatest lowrider shows. On Instagram, he's usually showing off his cooking skills, so when he decided to combine the two, I knew I had to show up.

I've been to the Dallas Super Show before in 2021, so I had an idea of what was to come. After going to Dallas Fair Park, not realizing that it was held at the Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie (it didn't take me long to get there despite driving a Prius), I pulled behind this GORGEOUS '86 Monte Carlo (that I've never seen before)...

I knew I was going to have so much fun. And I was not wrong. I ran into some familiar faces and some familiar cars...

But I met some new people and was introduced to some great cars.

I've been to quite a few lowrider shows, but I decided to actually go into the lowrider hop area, like beyond the gates. 

I was so in awe over all of the showcars and the hop pit that the cookoff pretty much took a backseat. I did sample some steak as well as marveled over some of the customized BBQ grilles. 

As much as I love food, the special place in my heart that belongs to lowriders took over. Special thanks to the Torres Empire Crew and everyone that I've interacted with. I appreciate the hospitality that Dallas has continued to show me and I will be back.

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2023 Torres Empire Lowrider Super Show/Cook Off gallery.

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