Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2021 Torres Empire Lowrider Show: Dallas

Sep 14, 2021

On July 24th, I returned back to Dallas for the Torres Empire Lowrider Show. I've attended the Torres Empire shows in Los Angeles before, so going to a Lowrider show in Dallas was entirely new to me.

First and foremost, I did not know that the Lowrider culture was as extensive as it was in Texas. I did see a couple of Texas lowriders in Phoenix at the Arizona Super Show, so I checked out what Dallas has to offer when it comes to lowriders.

I was told to show up the day before the show because that's when media can get as many clean shots as possible. The majority of the cars have already been pulled in and the owners were just doing some last minute touches and cleaning. I was so happy that Junior told me that because I had no idea that the show was going to be so large. 

The show was at Dallas Fair Park, which is a historical entertainment and educational complex that was constructed in the 1930s with major Art Deco energy. (Remember, I'm not from Dallas) Once I received my pass and figured out where the show was taking place, I knew I made the right decision to fly to Dallas. I thought the show was in one building with cars parked outside. As time wore on,  I found out that the show consisted of cars and bikes parked in three buildings and the cars outside were the ones that didn't get there early enough to secure an indoor spot. I didn't know this show was going to be this big... which means I have no reason to complain.

A few hours later, I found out that Dallas has a tradition of cruising down Jefferson Blvd on Sunday evenings (naturally Atlanta can't have anything like that). After the show, I found my way to Jefferson Blvd where I found even more cars, some of which weren't even a part of the show (they were good enough to be in the show, the owners didn't want to deal with the traffic getting out of the show). I didn't stay long because at this point, I was tired, hungry and sweaty after spending another hot day in Dallas. 

So what did I see? I'm so glad you asked... 

For the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2021 Torres Empire Lowrider Show: Dallas gallery.

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