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Jan 25, 2021

New Years in the Greatest City in the World

First and Foremost, I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!!! After the action packed year I had in 2019, I was hoping to continue that in 2020. Because of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, or my personal favorite- 'Rona, the world was shut down.

Lamborghini Urus at Caffeine and Octane: November 2020

Despite 'Rona being out there, I was able to attend some shows (major emphasis on some). I really planned to return to cities that I hadn't been to in awhile (hi Miami), cities I normally go to (Hola Los Angeles and Las Vegas) and of course, going back to the city that I love with all my heart but sometimes I want to fight (Yerrrr to New York). Rona laughed at my plans and everyone else's for that matter.

Silver Monte Carlo SS on Rucci Forged Wheels at the G-Body BBQ

After Caffeine and Octane in early March, I didn't attend a car show until June... And June's show was in honor of M-Deezy, who was killed in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. G-Body BBQ was a great show- lots of cars and everyone was just hanging out, but the circumstances just wasn't great.

Custom Wrapped GMC Denali truck on Rucci Forged Wheels

The next show I attended was a show I've never attended called Powerfest. It wasn't a bad show, although it did rain towards the end.

Chevy Camaro Z28 on Forgiato Wheels at Stuntfest Car Show

An entire week later, I went to Stuntfest, which was crowded as ever. I was amazed... still doubled up on my Elderberry and kept my mask ON.

Koenigsegg Regara at the Caffeine and Exotics Show

I attended the only Caffeine and Exotics of 2020 where I met my Koenigsegg quota of the year.

On August 5th, I received the worst news ever. I literally cried.
Oldsmobile 442 on Corleone Forged Wheels at the Stitched by Slick shop

After I dried my tears, I packed my bags and drove to Cayce, South Carolina to attend the grand opening of the Stitched by Slick custom interiors shop. It's fascinating to see how cars are customized, so I knew I had to go to Stitched by Slick's shop. It's not going to be my last time there.

'85 Buick Regal at the Krazy Vatos Presents Lay It Low Car Show

Krazy Vatos Car Club couldn't hold their annual super show, but they substituted it with a smaller, but fun show called the Lay It Low Car Show. It was honestly a great show, even got to see some Lowriders that I've never seen before.

Chevy Caprice Classic on Forgiato Wheels at Georgia Donk Day

Usually I'm against going to free car shows, mostly because anything and everything will show up. I was a little hesitant about going to Georgia Donk Day because it was a free show and I honestly didn't want to drive a long distance to see cars that were half done. But to my surprise- I saw quality cars-- many of which I've never seen before.

'76 Chevy Impala on Forgiato Wheels at Midwest Fest 4.

The best show I attended all year happened to be Midwest Fest 4. Midwest Fest was something completely new for me, but I decided to step out on faith and attend. Not only have I've never been to the show before, it was in a location that I've never been to. Because I'm your average New Yorker, I've never been to Indianapolis, Indiana, Midwest, get my drift??? By going, I had the opportunity to see cars from states that I've haven't traveled to- hence which is why the show is called Midwest Fest since the best from the Midwest was in Indianapolis. Oh and I forgot to mention, 1249 cars were a part of the show. I absolutely had no reason to complain. 

'72 Chevy Chevelle SS on Forgiato Wheels at the King of the South Mega Show

Finally I wanted to mention Official Street Whips' King of the South Mega Show, where I had an opportunity to co-judge my first car show. 

Rolls Royce Wraith at the Dubai in Atlanta Car Show

As you can see, I didn't mention the New York Auto Show, SEMA, any Los Angeles car shows, etc. Although 2020 forced everyone to sit down and refocus, I will make up for it in 2021. To check out the rest of my photos, check out Bernie's Best of 2020 gallery.

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