Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2014 Gumball 3000 Rally- Atlanta Stop

Jun 9, 2014

Within the 15 years of the existance of Gumball 3000, this year's rally was the first time that it stopped in Atlanta. The route was designed to start in Miami, FL and end in Ibiza, Spain. However, the Atlanta stop was one to remember... unfortunately.

The Atlanta stop was supposed to go like this- arrive at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta around 7:00 pm. There was going to be a concert where some of the participants were slated to perform (Bun B, Xzibit, and rumor has it that Eve was going to do a surprise performance). After that, the participants were going to party at a undisclosed VIP location, then they head out the next morning to speed to New York. Around 8:00 pm, a severe thunderstorm came through downtown Atlanta, and everyone was evacuated out of the park. The cars didn't arrive until after 10 pm, so in essence, the Atlanta stop was rained out.

I'm not one to accept defeat, so I went back to Centennial Olympic Park the next morning... around 7:30 am, and was able to get the shots I wanted. A couple of the cars already left, but on the morning of June 6th 2014- it was just me, my camera, and about $75 million in cars. I. Was. In. Heaven. Enough talking... on with the pics...

This blue wrap on this Ferrari was gorgeous.

I LOVED this graffiti Berlin style wrap on this Ferrari.

The 6x6 that everyone wanted to see

There were a lot of Brits and Italians, but very few Americans. Here's one of them and I'm referring to the car, not the participants.

Yes this Fiat was apart of the rally.

Well... maybe next time Gumball 3000 will get the opportunity to experience Atlanta. To see the rest of my photos, head over to Bernie's 2014 Gumball 3000 Rally- Atlanta stop gallery.

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  1. Thanks to your determination, you were able to cover that prestigious event. Getting up close and personal with those multi-million cars is a rare chance, isn’t it? I’m sure you’re one of those many photographers and car enthusiasts who really waited for the Atlanta stop. Well, I hope you’ll be able to post more about car shows in the future.

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru


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