Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2014 Stuntfest Car Show

May 21, 2014

For the second year in the row, the Stuntworld guys put on their famous Stuntfest Car Show at Atlanta Motor Speedway... in the rain. Despite the crappy weather conditions, Stuntworld proved that a little drizzle- or in this case, showers, will never slow down their show. From 1970s Chevy Chevelles to 2014 Chevy Camaros, cars on lifts to cars slammed to the ground, candy paint to.... uhhh, actually all the cars were custom painted or the stock paint was in good condition, they all came out and showed off their rides. I was happy that I was able to attend this year, because I was literally down and out last year (I gave myself a concussion the night before. Don't ask.) Enough of my talking, I'm ready to show off my photos.

I hope you have a ladder to get in.

I would like to say how gorgeous this particular Chevelle is, however, look where the owner parked it.

A LOT of Forgiatos were here.

OJ would be proud.

Nice promo vehicle for a DJ. The music notes on the headrests were a nice touch.

28's with a 30 inch overlay on a Chevy Impala.

This would have been a great shot of the twin Chevelles... if the guys in the background would have moved.

Now this Jeep would be a must have for a party.

JT came back hard with this Infiniti FX35. Not only did he change the paint on the body and the wheels, he had a custom grille made and put his initials on it.

This donk looks familiar, doesn't it? Well, if you checked out my Forgiatofest coverage, he was there. It did have a crowd in Miami, but it had a BIGGER crowd around it in Atlanta.

Another crowd favorite, this completely customized sky blue Chrysler 300.

The owner of this car definitely has some hometown pride.

I'm still wondering why Soul Asylum Studios didn't come to Forgiatofest. I even asked them...

This donk was nice... although it took me FOREVER to get a clean shot of it.

Another car that was at both Forgiatofest and Stuntfest. Thank Sandman Designs for bringing it.

For more photos, check out Bernie's 2014 Stuntfest Car Show gallery, even though I have a few more photos to add. Oh and let's hope that the 2015 Stuntfest show will actually have dry weather.

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