Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Caffeine and Octane: July '13

Jul 9, 2013

This month's Caffeine and Octane had two major factors that affected the turnout. One: it was Fourth of July weekend, and a lot of people use that weekend to go out of town. Second: it rained the entire week, which sucked. The meetup had a great turnout, but it could have been better. Of course, I'm going to give my famous excuse... it was hard to get out of the bed, but I did make it there. Although it wrapped up 30 mins earlier, because of rain, I was able to get a few shots...

1950's Chevy Corvette

The only sunshine at the show... A sunshine yellow (not the official name) Ferrari.

Gorgeous silver Porsche 911 FP700 with carbon fiber wheels and accents.

Old school Ford Mustang Boss 302... and this wasn't the only Mustang that showed up...

Got the point??? I did throw in two Ford Shelbys within the sea of 5.0 GTs

I thought this smoked out Corvette was kinda cute.

This Lexus IF Sport is looking great...


Talk about a conversion vehicle. Owner liked the design of old school vehicles, but wanted the performance of a modern vehicle. He took a Ford Mustang, sent it off to New York, and look at the end result.

The one thing that I do like about the Caffeine and Octane meetup is aside from it being roughly 12 minutes from my house, is that it's a great mix of people that love cars. Whether if they like exotics, old schools, luxury, imports, American muscle, Suvs or trucks, as long as they love cars (and don't mind waking up early on a Sunday), they're out there. And now more and more automotive venders are getting into the mix as well.

However, I would love to go to a cars and coffee type event in another state, just to see the difference.

Next month, I'll be there bright and early (a.k.a anytime before 9am)

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