Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2013 Octane Show

May 28, 2013

The Georgia World Congress Center was the site of the 2013 Octane Car Show. This was the first time Octane formed a show, but it didn't have the same purpose as a regular car show. It was part car show, part car auction, so to speak. Which means the owners of the cars had the intention of selling the cars they placed into the show. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. About 25% of the cars weren't for sale, but the other 75%.... I'll let you see for yourself. But that Ford Shelby Super Snake that's above is for sale.

To greet people as they were about to purchase their tickets was Atlanta's own Butler Tire. They brought their company vehicle, a lovely model, and a Porsche Panamera.

 And Car Tunes of Atlanta brought a Chevy Chevelle SS and a Dodge Challenger both belonging to Brooklyn Nets' Joe Johnson. The blue Lamborghini is icing on the cake.

  Can't forget the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

*sighs*. One can only dream...

Batmobile and Bat Girl.

Just how I like 'em.... completely blacked out.

Thank goodness you didn't have to see me struggle getting in and out of this Jeep. Because this *points up* was not made for those under 5'4, even with the running board. I like the way it was put together, but I would need a ladder to get in and out.

I've come to the conclusion that I like seasoned Corvettes (50's and 60's) as opposed to the newer ones (70's to present).

I'm loving this Mercedes CLS 500, but I would love the CL65 AMG a little more... in black.

Mercedes had some fun trinkets in their area. They figured that people enjoy getting drunk,  so they came up with specific gear shift bottle openers. Get this: there's one for red wine, one for rose wine, one for white wine, AND one for champagne. Whomever thought of this is my type of person.

1950's Buick equipped with PLASTIC seats. I'm not sure if your grandmother was like mine, but mine had her furniture covered in plastic. And I had flashbacks of being stuck on the plastic on a hot summer day.

The Stuart Little Car was cute.

The silver hue on this wagon is gorgeous. Silver is pretty tricky, but this color was perfect. Sadly this vehicle also had plastic seats.

I'm not going to lie but this show was one huge struggle for me, despite the size of it. I honestly didn't interact with too many people, there wasn't any loud music, but I still had a horrible headache. By the time of the show, it was three weeks since I had my concussion. I missed one show (Stuntfest) and I promised myself that I wasn't going to miss anymore. Thus explains the lack of posts because even when I'm concentrating (like now), it gives me a headache. I'm trying to not let too much time go by, but I am also trying to bring more original content. Because the point of Doing Donuts With Bernie is not to be like all the other automotive blogs, even if it's written by a girl... with a headache.

And to catch the rest of the photos, go to Bernie's gallery of the 2013 Octane Show. Now if you excuse me, time to take some hydrocodone.

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